Sustainability in the production of motorboats, tenders and sailboats


cooperyacht uses at the production of her boats as many sustainable materials as possible. For example: we only work with DSM resins. DSM has a highly qualified reputation with regard to her carbon footprint. As well for the production of the materials as for the materials themselves. Have a look at their website for more information:

Besides the resins we try to use as many sustainable partners as possible: the engines that Cooperyacht uses are all from the Yanmar company. Their social responsibility view can be read on:

Electric sailing

We at Cooperyacht try, together with our business partners, to act socially responsible by embracing electric or hybrid sailing. The CooperE745 is the first example of a 100% electric boat with a range or more than 10 hours! Besides full electric sailing we offer hybrid propulsion as well.

Sailing, the cleanest propulsion

Next to motorboats we offer sailboats, which is, of course, the best example of a very clean propulsion by the wind!