COOPER YACHT is a well-equipped sports tender with a distinctive Dutch design. It is a stylish yacht with the power to thrill and recognizable amongst boating lovers. Our models are always fully customisable for those who expect those extras on board. Designed with timeless recognizable lines and built with absolute attention for detail.

COOPER YACHT is offering three models. All well-equipped sports tenders with a distinctive Dutch design. Each of them simply stylish with the power to thrill and highly customisable for those who expect that specific personal touch on board.


Available on the market now

COOPER YACHT provides a pre-owned service were buyers can find pre-owned yachts that came available on the market and were owners get support during the sales process of their yacht. We make sure the yacht is ready to be sold before we promote her throughout our network. 

Easy to handle sports tender
Our COOPER 680 is on the market since 2019 and became ‘Boat of the Year 2020’, as it was chosen to be the most ideal yacht for the Dutch waters. Easy to handle, elegant lines and a real family yacht.
Most popular model in the range
During the last ten years we have perfected this popular model, which is available with an open and closed aft deck. Her recognisable lines can be seen on the Dutch waters.
The biggest Cooper so far
For the boating enthusiast who wants to extend their range and comfort on board, we have the Cooper1000. This multiday cruiser is our most spacious model.


Our tailor-made Service Programme

The purchase of your Cooper is just the beginning of our relationship, because every year your yacht needs maintenance and service. This work can range from technical service on the engine to general maintenance on board. Transportation, a berth in summer or storage in winter. And even when it is time for your yacht to get a new owner. At every step, we are there for you. These are services we can offer you, in our tailor-made Service Programme.

Cooper yacht winterstalling winter storage
Place for 200 Coopers
In Nieuwersluis we have our own winterstorage that gives place to about 200 yachts. On this location the boats are kept dry and we have our maintenance workshop.
General maintenance
The general maintenance on board mainly consists of cleaning and polishing, treatment of the teak deck and polyester, checking the various fluids and systems.
Always on the move
If you have a Cooper but no trailer, we can provide your transport to any location; local or abroad. We also have an all year long pick-up and drop-off service.
Your safe haven
The Cooper marina is located at the Loosdrechtse Plassen, one of the most beautiful sailing points in the Netherlands. At this location we have several berths available.


It’s true! We love what we do.

We have a passion for stylish and comfortable design and this is reflected in all our models. In our eyes, we have developed a perfect combination of design, performance and pleasure. However, the success of each yacht is not only due to that, also to the fun and functionality that comes with it. We offer our clients a highly customizable yacht and make the tender dreams of our customers come true.